The Gill House

The Gill House has rapidly become a location of choice for paranormal groups from around Ohio, the Midwest, and beyond. This is due to several factors, including:

  • A warm and receptive atmosphere for hunts
  • A remarkable record of providing outstanding experiences for multiple groups
  • A beautiful setting with a remarkable history
  • A very reasonable per person charge

Among others, the following groups have experienced paranormal hunts at the Gill House and are good references for what your experience might be (these posts will be updated from March through November):

  • AJ Paranormal Research
  • C-Bus Paranormal
  • Cornerstone Paranormal
  • Dead of Night Paranormal Equipment and Boutique
  • Michigan Shawdows Paranormal Society
  • Ohio Paranormal Investigations
  • P.E. Paranormal
  • Ravenscrest Paranormal Investigations
  • Valley View Paranormal Society
  • Windows to the Past Paranormal